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Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  Let me tell you about myself:

Before joining Keller Williams, I worked at the former Sagan Realtors from January 2009 to July 2014.  Prior to that  I spent 14 years managing residential and commercial properties between 179-334 in the  North Shore, Boston and Rhode Island.  


In 1994, after spending over five years as Residential, Commercial and Retail Leasing Consultant in Boston, I was invited by Carlson GMAC to start their rental division in Lynn.  In the meantime, I focused my free time to get further educated not only to rent and sell but to understand all aspects of marketing homes and helping buyers to walk through the process.  I earned several designations and certifications: ARM® (Accredited Residential Manager), Assisted Housing Manager (AHM), and Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS) among others.


Dedication, honesty, loyalty, faith and energy are my motto.    I proudly wear my company's name tag and sign - make sure to represent it with full potential, continued growth, networking, and best of all: learning from listening.


First time home buyers, downsizing, empty nesters and upgrades are never a challenge but a welcoming opportunity to put mine and my team's experience into practice smoothly, graciously and energetically.


Your referrals are my motivation:  Accepted with honor, acted upon with honesty and appreciated as your trust in the quality of my services.




Lizete Alcalai

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03/26/2011 - gingers shadow
Bought a home in 2010.

Lizete is a unique exceptional real estate professional agent. She has a positive attitude, and a passionate outlook on life and passes that on to everyone she meets. Lizete is a very aggressive agent and will deliver whatever the customer is looking for, always with a warm smile on her face. Lizete is truly an inspiration to me!

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This was the only unit that Lizete helped us with (she was the listing agent), but she was very helpful and knowledgeable about the unit and answered all of our questions. She had a great rapport with the landlord as well, which helped make the lease process very easy.
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Helped me find a home to rent
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59 Gates St APT G, Boston, MA 02127
It was also a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for your time today. As well as, your very helpful communications, information, and your expertise. Your professionalism, and strong experience is something I truly appreciate & value.
Seeing as buying a home is a first for me, and that I am seemingly excited, and nervous at the same time now that I've begun my search. Your charming personality, patience, and understanding approach to assisting me is very relaxing.It certainly made me feel very comfortable & relaxed. Which (during this process especially) is priceless. Maintaining a realistic, intelligent, and level-headed approach is usually one of my strengths. Yet, I've learned this week how easy it could be for anyone to feel pressured/"Sold" into buying and making a misguided, and unrealistic decision. It is unfortunate, but so many people have done this in this past decade. I feel terrible for them, and understand better now how they must have felt. The result of getting overextend, and buying a home you really can't afford must be heart wrenching. But, owning your own home is an exciting, tempting, and dream come true like experience in my eye's.
So, accept my genuine, and heartfelt thank you for helping me examine the condo earlier today. You, and all of your wonderful characteristics that I listed above allowed me to calm down, and remember to use my better judgment today. This I feel will ultimately allow me to make a smart/patient decision as opposed to an impulse buy.
Lizete, thank you again. It's been a pleasure working with you so far, and I look forward too seeing you next Sunday.
Have a wonderful remainder to your weekend.
My Warmest & Best Regards,
First Time Buyer